Staying Calm When Bumping Into Your Ex

Bumping into an ex after your breakup is always an emotional and overwhelming experience, it can leave you feeling very awkward and anxious which is not the best feeling in the world to feel.

From the moment that you first see your ex, your heart starts to race, you suddenly start to feel all sweaty and very uncomfortable and in that moment you have no idea how you will react, if you will manage to get a word out of your mouth or if you will completely lose control and make a scene.

But this is the moment that you need to pull yourself together, stay calm and remember the tips below.

Things to remember when bumping into your ex:

• Keep it Short and Sweet
Take a deep breath and keep yourself calm and confident, smile and say hello and then walk away.

• Try not to engage in a long conversation as you do not need to catch up on what has happened since you have broken up.
• Remember, the more you talk, the higher the risk could be for embarrassment.
By keeping your conversation short and sweet it will appear like you are in control of the situation and not the emotional wreck that you are inside.

• Do Not Mention the Past
If your ex tries to keep you engaged in a longer conversation than you planned, keep the conversation light and friendly and resist the urge of mentioning the past as this is not the time to air your grievances.
Rather arrange a private meeting at a later date for that discussion and walk away as soon as you can.

• Be The Better Person
Trying to stay cool and calm, when seeing your ex can be difficult, especially if they are still very angry and are trying to pick a fight with you. The best thing for you to do is to be the better person, stay calm, be friendly, tell your ex that you can meet at another time and place and then walk away. At the end of the day, they will feel bad about how they reacted and not you.

• Do Not Misread the Situation
If everything happens to go off well and you have a wonderful friendly conversation and your ex gives you a hug good-bye, do not misread the situation.
After all, you were a couple that was madly in love in the past and your ex will probably try to do the same as you, to keep things pleasant, It does not necessarily mean that your ex wants to get back together with you just because they gave you a hug good-bye.

Remember to leave the pleasant conversation and hug at that moment and continue to move forward with your healing process.